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Constant Hine

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What people are saying...

Constant Hine has created a warm and inviting approach to thinking critically through reflection. I now have new tools to approach my personal and professional work with a gentle and tangible way of managing my thoughts. I can better prioritize my work and feel less overwhelmed. There is also joy in Constant's approach. It's a wonderful book that I will use consistently in my personal and professional life.
Josephine Montilla
Never underestimate the power of daily reflections! That is Constant Hine's message in her new book. It is a clarion call to action for those of us who want to transform and disrupt our traditional ways of thinking about change. She skillfully challenges us to consider daily reflections as a means to become our better selves, as a means to model and influence those we lead, and as a means to improve the cognitive and social-emotional outcomes for the children we serve. It is a must-read for all early childhood agents of change.
Maurice Sykes
Executive Director, Early Childhood Leadership Institute

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