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Constant Hine

Constant HineConstant Hine – Bio Introduction

Constant Hine, M.A.  Early Childhood Consultant, Adult Educator, Coach
Founder and President of Horizons In Learning

Constant Hine is a nationally recognized dynamic, motivational and inspirational speaker, coach, adult educator, consultant and author. Constant Hine has over 40 years’ experience in early childhood as a classroom teacher, adult educator, coach, consultant and author of several books. She has an MA in Teaching/ECE from Nova University in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Constant currently lives in Denver, CO.

Constant specializes in transformational learning, coaching and leadership that engages learners and professionals to make lasting, deep and sustainable changes, to promote respectful relationships, authentic communication and reflective practices . Since 1988 Horizons In Learning has offered services, professional development, and products that promote sustainable change to early childhood professionals, providers, caregivers, leaders, coaches and agents of change throughout North America. She also helps promote systemic change and develop organizational delivery systems that embody and model intentional and respectful services and work environments.

Since 1992, Constant has provided professional development to help agents of change, coaches, leaders help others to overcome barriers and challenges and achieve goals by using a strength-based transformational coaching approach, founded in inquiry and relationship-based practices that promote habits of reflection, problem solving and lifelong learning. Her new Transformational Coaching for Early Childhood Educators book (Redleaf Press) and courses are based on her GROOMER Framework for Change™ which is a mental model for coaches, leaders, and ‘agents of change’ to use to facilitate the change process for individuals and programs to achieve continuous quality improvement.  Horizons In Learning also offers leaders and adult educators several comprehensive ‘theory to practice’ professional development programs, including: Transformational Leadership and Make Learning Stick! Engaging Adult Learners.

Constant has authored several books:Transformational Coaching for Early Childhood Educators, Engaging Adult Learners Using Multiple Intelligences Toolkit, Transform Stress: Creating Ease In A Day’s Work Sign Book, and Engaging Young Learners: The Teacher’s Role In An Early Childhood Classroom,.