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Constant Hine

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Seminars and Webinars

Virtual 38-Hour Transformational Coaching Course (see the Homepage for upcoming courses)

The Power of Intentional Reflection: A Pathway to Deepen Transformational Coaching and Leadership

Transformational Coaching Program Description

Workshop Topics

Transformational Coaching Using the GROOMER Framework for Change Model – 6 hrs

Transformational Coaching Using the GROOMER Framework for Change Model – 3 hrs

The Art of Inquiry – Deepening Powerful Questioning

Enhancing Your Coaching Toolbox – Using a Continuum of Professional Development Strategies

Busting Barriers Using Intentional Coaching Strategies – Half Day

Busting Barriers: Deepening Intentional Coaching for Sustainable Change – Full Day

Horizons In Learning & Head Start Coaching Performance Standards Crosswalk

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Transformational Coaching for Early Childhood Educators
by Constant Hine – Available from Redleaf Press
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“I didn’t appreciate what coaching really was until I took this course with Constant. The transformation began there but cannot be understated. On a mechanical level: she provided all the data, the toolset that I need to do my job. However, the existential growth I experienced and continue to make is profound. The tools she provided were the keys to every relationship block I didn’t realize existed – both personally and professionally. I feel empowered to coach and provide real support and make an important difference in the lives of teachers and students. Transformational Coaching is everything its name implies and so much more.”

Raina Bucci, Coach – Course graduate  Spring 2024

“Taking the transformational coaching course was one of the best decisions I made as a new coach. Constant and Nicole provided a non-judgmental, safe space to practice new techniques and help build my self-confidence. The resources and tools I received helped me to become a better coach, partner, parent, friend and coworker. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone.” 

Angela Rakestraw, Coach – Course graduate Spring 2024

“I feel extremely lucky to have taken the Transformational Coaching course at the very start of my coaching career. Not only has the content helped me shape the foundation of my coaching philosophy, but it has also reverberated throughout my personal life as well. Curiosity is not a coaching strategy, it is a state of mind, a way of living. This course has helped me approach my coaching sessions with more self-confidence.”

Course Graduate, 2020

“The best way to describe how the Transformational Coaching course is already making a difference for me is with this story:  During a coaching session yesterday, I threw out my plan because I started really listening to my coachees and realized that the goals they originally created were not possible because they have some serious obstacles/barriers that need to be addressed first. So I got curious, started asking them questions and summarized what they were telling me along the way, and through this process they created three different actions that they are going to work on.”

Course Graduate, 2020

“I wasn’t sure how much I was going to learn that would be new and different to me because I’ve been coaching for 20 years. I went in with an open mind to see if there was anything different (in this class from others I had taken …At the end of the first day, I realized that this was different… [and] bigger than I thought it was. Bigger meaning that this would allow me to coach in the way that I’ve been wanting to coach… This was not about going in (to a classroom or program) and teaching to the current tools; this was about transforming those teachers and making them self-sufficient…. making the teachers better teachers…”

Renee McLaughlin, Coach/Consultant, Renee McLaughlin Consulting, Colorado Springs, CO

“We have worked with Constant since 2007 and I know no one else in the country more qualified to teach courses on Coaching… Constant pulls from an extensive body of research and experience and is more expert in coaching strategies than anyone else we have met. We are seeing our coaches have a tremendous impact in our field and credit most of our success to the skills we learned from Constant.”

Gretchen Ames, Director, Gateway to Quality – San Francisco State University

“The results of the personal coaching provided by Constant Hine has had a significant impact on the productivity of our organization. The staff, faculty and management of our organization has moved to a new level of positive thinking, positive moral and positive outcomes. The staff now has confidence in their ability to effect change and to create and maintain a workplace culture that is positive and focused. The staff now practices straight forward communication thus minimizing conflict in the workplace. We have a renewed spirit of collaboration and trust between staff, team leaders and managers thus we have created a more enjoyable and productive workplace.”

Gisela Erne, Director, Victor Valley Community College – Child Development Center

“I want you to know that I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed your coaching this year… You have given me a whole new way in viewing life. Several of the strategies carry over into so, so many realms of my life and is helping me on a daily basis. I literally think about it everyday.”

Jenna, Elementary School Coach