Learn, Coach, Lead For Change

Constant Hine

In her book Transformational Coaching for Early Childhood Educators, Constant Hine introduces The GROOMER Framework for Change™ model which is a mental model that helps coaches facilitate the change process.

This systematic and intentional model can be used both with an individual and at the program level—with teams, programs, agencies, or systems—to facilitate and groom conscious change to promote continuous quality improvement (CQI).

The Framework is a universal inquiry-based, and transformational coaching approach focused on the change process that helps inform what to discuss and explore with learners about any kind of problem, topic, or professional practice to achieve any goal or desired result.

The GROOMER Framework for Change™ graphic image is now available in both English and Spanish!

The GROOMER Framework for Change™ with your coaching partners helps them to learn what is important to focus and reflect on given any topic to achieve lasting ’sticky’ change and learning!

Download your free GROOMER Framework for Change model graphic images here. Now also available in Spanish!