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Colorado Coaching Competencies -revised June 4 2021 –https://decl.my.salesforce.com/sfc/p/#o0000000IHut/a/5c000000UxWe/ALP3rg6JsqdAYpu2UHm1aWv0fn.SQm.0WtMkgZH0X1E

GMP Meditation (Center of the Golden One) – Wednesday Meditations via Zoom – https://centerofthegoldenone.com/meditation-us/

Bias, Race & Equity Resources – downloadable PDF

Connecting To Children/Tom Drummond – www.connectingtochildren.com 

Devereux Center for Resilient Children  – https://centerforresilientchildren.org (DECA, DARS, and DERLS)

The Institute of Cultural Affairs – www.ica-usa.org

National Association for the Education of Young Children – www.naeyc.org

Colorado Coaching Consortium &Colorado Coaching Competencies – www.cocoaches.org

CareSquad  – Resources about childcare, teens and eldercare – www.CareSquad.com

The BUILD Initiative – www.buildinitiative.org

KodoKids – Inspiring Exploration – www.KodoKids.com