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Constant Hine

“Taking the transformational coaching course was one of the best decisions I made as a new coach. Constant and Nicole provided a non-judgmental, safe space to practice new techniques and help build my self-confidence. The resources and tools I received helped me to become a better coach, partner, parent, friend and coworker. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone.”

Raina Bucci, Coach – Course graduate  Spring 2024

“Prior to completing the Transformational Coaching training, our team of coaches were connecting with teachers, completing tasks, setting goals and helping coachees reach them. Post Transformational Coaching training, I have seen an intentional shift in our coaches. They are relating to their coachees in a way that shows they are present, actively listening, and alongside the journey of the coachee. I appreciate the depth of our shift that Transformational Coaching is bringing to our coaching team and myself. Seeing how each coach values the current state of their coachee tells me that they are present with them and using the strategies and tools learned during training to connect with coachees around their values, beliefs, and attitudes that drive them to be great educator to young children and their families. Since the Transformational Coaching training our coaches are more reflective and empowered with being rather than doing. Thank you for exposing our coaching program to such great strategies that we can enhance the experience of those we coach as well as each other!

Ty Johnson, M.A., Early Education Manager – Early Learning Ventures Early Head Start, CO

This the workshop today was THE BEST workshop I have ever attended! What a great find Constant is! Her overall way of attending to all while interspersing so much laughter was so energizing to me. I have great confidence that the “coaching” techniques we put to use from Constant’s methods will be highly successful.

ECE Coach, Contra Costa County, CA

I contracted with Constant Hine, Horizons in Learning, to work with my Management Team…The process was non-threatening yet allowed us to get at key issues…. When I assessed my staff we agreed communication has remained positive and that the process helped all of us to see the value in each manager. We have been successful in putting our issues aside and have been able to work on our team weakness which has lead to a stronger management team. Since there is an increase level of trust, we have greater success in sharing our challenges and finding team agreement on strategies.

Patricia Talley, Director, Child Development Services – San Bernadino County, CA

“We have worked with Constant since 2007 and I know no one else in the country more qualified to teach courses on Coaching. Constant pulls from an extensive body of research and experience and is more expert in coaching strategies than anyone else we have met. We are seeing our coaches have a tremendous impact in our field and credit most of our success to the skills we learned from Constant.”

Gretchen Ames, Director, Gateway to Quality
San Francisco State University

“At age 70, I have been in the trenches many years – a hearty thank you for a wonderful day to hear your words of wisdom and encouragement”

Phyllis Erickson, Teacher- Oak Park, IL

“Our deepest appreciation to you for providing such an inspiring keynote address.”

June Ushijima, SRLDP – L. A. Unified School District

“Constant is a wonderfully professional dynamic speaker. Very inspirational”

Jennifer Hamburg, Teacher

“Thank you for a dynamic, professional and entertaining presentation.”

Diana Berg, Instructional Advisor – L.A. Unified School District

“I found everything very useful! Appreciated the enthusiasm of the instructor. I can implement these ideas immediately.”

Melissa Houston, Teacher

“Your presentation was stimulating, well organized and very appropriate for our staff.”

Bettye Jones, Coordinator – Fresno, CA

“Great motivator and instructor!”

Kay Veith, Teacher

“Constant Hine is the most engaging and dynamic consultant I have ever encountered. Her facilitation has been a key to my own success. Constant’s training and coaching has been the most powerful for me as an administrator and consultant.”

Kathy Christiansen – Director, Center for Support Programs Educational Service District 101 – Spokane, WA

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