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Keynote Topics

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We offer a variety of topics for half or full day workshops and seminars for:

1)  Administrators, Supervisors and Managers
2)  Early Childhood Educators, Care givers and Parents

Dynamic Transformation Strategies (PDF)

We bring our expertise and over 20 years of experience in helping both adults and children to learn more efficiently and collaborate more effectively. We individualize our services to meet your program needs.

  • Facilitate team building and efficient communication
  • Assist programs to implement child centered, diverse teaching strategies
  • Create and support staff development programs.
  • Program development and project implementation

Meeting & Retreat Facilitation:
ToP Facilitation (pdf)

We offer a collaborative and participatory model for facilitating meetings and retreats that promote respectful active communication and practical implementation of concrete actions

  • Facilitate staff meetings, planning meetings, program or product development planning and retreats that promote active participation, collaboration and respectful communication to meet desired goals and outcomes.
  • Facilitation strategies include: ToP (Technology of Participation) – focused discussion methods, consensus methods that build buy-in and teamwork; and action planning and project implementation processes