Learn, Coach, Lead For Change

Constant Hine

Services provided by Constant Hine of Horizons In Learning:

Constant Hine offers services for Educators, Leaders, Coaches, and Adult Educators and Keynote Presentations.

Professional Development

Constant Hine offers courses, seminars, workshops, webinars and podcasts. Her dynamic transformational programs are available in-person, virtually and in on-demand formats.

These professional development programs are designed to provide both breadth and depth of instructional content, time to practice implementation and mastery of skills, engage in reflective exercises, and can include one-on-one coaching to support sustainable change at the program level and for individual coaches, leaders, and adult educators.

Constant’s well known for her 4 signature programs:


Using her GROOMER Framework of Change™  model, Constant Hine offers coaching for individuals and teams to support their action improvement plan to achieve their desired outcomes and goals. Her coaching helps to sustain new skills, practice positive effective strategies, and foster expansive critical thinking to promote CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) at the individual and program level.

Coaching that accompanies any of her professional development programs ensures learners can transfer principles and strategies learned to practical and successful implementation in the field, in their lives, and strengthen sustainable habits of self-reflection to deepen their professional practices.

Membership Services

Constant offers a variety of tiered membership services for coaches, leaders and adult educators that include both individual and bundled products and courses, posts for each membership, live chats, video podcasts and more.


Meeting/Retreat Facilitation

Constant Hine has been extensively trained in and offers a collaborative and participatory facilitation model that promotes active participation, collaboration and respectful communication to meet desired goals and outcomes.Constant has over 18 years experience of using ToP (Technology of Participation) facilitation strategies including: focused discussion and consensus methods that build buy-in and teamwork; and action planning and project implementation processes, as well as an effective and common sense five-step approach to strategic planning.

She provides the following facilitation services:


Constant’s expertise and over 40 years of experience in helping both adults and children to learn more efficiently, collaborate more effectively and helping programs align values with intentional professional practices is the foundation of her consulting approach in working with early childhood professionals and programs.

Constant Hine’s GROOMER Framework of Change  model supports the systemic change process and her approach to support ‘change agents’ and to build programs that cultivate meaningful involvement, equitable respect, and inclusive practices that support early childhood professionals, families, and young children. Her individualized consulting services help teams to identify their needs and goals to develop sustainable systems and programs and to achieve successful project implementation.