Engaging Adult Learners Using Multiple Intelligences Toolkit



Available directly from ChildCareExchange – https://stage.childcareexchange.com/catalog/product/engaging-adult-learners-using-multiple-intelligences-online/6700135/

This is an interactive toolkit presented in digital format, complete with hyperlinks that let you search and skip to exactly what you are looking for. The toolkit can also be printed from the pdf version. This resource “walks the talk,” presenting strategies for teaching adults in the same way content should be thoughtfully presented to teach for understanding. It includes:

  • 18 videos demonstrating teaching strategies in a live setting
  • 49 active engagement activities sorted by intelligence
  • 32 downloadable Word and PowerPoint templates you can modify to your specific content

These down-to-earth practical strategies will help you address the learning principle that an audience’s interaction with content is actually more important than the presentation of the content. This dynamic resource will transform your presentations, creating lasting change through authentic engagement, empowered learning, and intentional practice.